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Hello :)

I found this community following up links from another community, and decided to join. I used to be a Latin and Classical Culture/Architecture teacher at a Gymnasium in the Netherlands (I'd say it was about college-level, we have different names for our levels here :) and I quite liked my job, but it wasn't always easy. I found I got along great with my pupils (they were 16-17ish) but not so well with my colleagues. Though I dressed in black with the occasional bandshirt, I had no visible tattoos, piercings, markings or (very) obscure jewelry. Still, my colleagues (all in their mid 50s) decided I was 'strange' and hardly talked to me, and when they did, it was to inform me they disapproved of the way I handled to my pupils. I allowed my pupils to call me by my first name, and let them have their lunch in the classroom provided they cleaned everything up before they left- my class was after a 3-hour PE block, and if I didn't let them have a sandwhich in class they'd just sneak out to the lavatories and have one there. I remember standing in line for the same concert tickets as my pupils, and running into them in gothic music stores in Amsterdam in the weekends (during which I was a bit more 'gothed up' seeing as that was my time off). Sadly, the schoolboard decided I didn't "socialise" enough - with the other teachers, of course- and told me I had to 'shape up or get out'. Mind you, they admitted that my teaching was fine (they had sit-ins in my class to make sure) but it was just my 'attitude'. As this teaching job was a part-time thing next to getting my university-degree, I decided it wasn't worth it; I finished the year and left, much to my students' regrets, they said.

I miss teaching, but this experience with the schoolboard was so discouraging that I haven't tried again. I am the way I am- I suck at socialising with the older generations, mostly because they have their prejudices about me ready at the blink of an eye, judging on my outfit.

Maybe reading along here will show me some of the positive experiences you had as teachergoths? :)
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