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Teacher All Call: Nonfiction Book Projects?

I am in the middle of a web search, but was wondering if anyone had interesting ideas for Non-Fiction Book projects, specifically using multiple intelligences or having students selecting from a project menu?

This is the final independent reading project for my 9th Grade Honors English class. While I want their work to be academically minded, they’ve worked their butts off for me this year, and I also want to give them some fun aspects to their final projects as well.

I have a ton of traditional fiction alternative projects, some of which will work for the non-fiction, but I’m concerned about giving options to the students who choose books that do not fall in the category of biography/autobiography/event history. I didn’t give this stipulation when they did project titles, and one of my kids brought me a book on the scientific elements (!) -- 200 pages, as I asked, and the language is completely academic. He says it’s what he’s really interested in right now, but unless I want to read a summary of his understanding of the information (and boy, I really don’t), I don’t know what else I might offer him.


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