The Muse (taliesinsmuse) wrote in teachergoths,
The Muse

Graphic Novel Professional Development


I've been asked to put together a presentation on using graphic novels in the classroom for a professional development conference.

If you were to attend, what information would you want to know about the subject? What would you expect to happen? And most importantly, what would you like to take home with you to use in your own classrooms?

I know that one of the best parts of professional development seminars is the stuff you get to take home - graphic organizers, books, lesson ideas, etc. I would like to put together some kind of packet to go over and use in my presentation so that teachers can walk away from it feeling as though they can go to class the next day and use the information they received. So I thought I would ask you all what it is YOU would would like to see and get most out of this presentation, were you to sit in on it.

Any ideas?

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