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So, I work at a very small middle school in a little provincial spot in New Jersey. It is not an open minded place, and in the interest of keeping my job and dealing with the other teachers, I dress quite conservatively, including my make up.

Friday, however, we had a poetry day, and the teachers decided to all come in beatnik style, all black, or black and white stripes. I took the opportunity to bust out just a little liquid black liner and sparkly white eye shadow because, after all, it fit the style we were shooting for.

The funniest reaction was from one of my 13 year old students - one who isn't remotely goth but does favor heavy dark eyeshadow. "Omigod, Mrs.G! Look at your eyes, that looks awesome! Why don't you do that all the time?"

I laughed and told her it wasn't in teacher dress code. She rolled her eyes at me.

Middle schoolers crack me up. If they ever saw me in my 'good' gear, they'd each have little individual heart attacks. ;)

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