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Teacher Survey

I am studying to be a special education instructor, and am hoping you can help me out.
I need to conduct a teacher survey over the weekend for my intro to ed course.
If you are a Jr high or high school teacher can you complete this survey?

I will be eternally grateful!:)

1. What’s your name?
2. What kind of qualifications do you hold? How long have you been teaching?
3. What subject do you teach? What factors contributed to your decision to choose that subject?
4. What do you enjoy most about teaching this curriculum?
5. What do you enjoy least?
6. How do you go about selecting what content and skills to teach?
7. Do you offer different perspectives on these topics? (multicultural, multidisciplinary)
8. Are there areas of this subject that are controversial? How do you handle these topics?
9. What do you do to accommodate the multiple intelligences in your classroom?
10. When do you do you planning and preparation?
11. Do you integrate other subject areas into your curriculum?
12. How do the school district’s official curriculum and the textbook shape your decisions?
13. Can you make your own decisions on what topics to teach, or are you confined to the official school curriculum?
14. Are selections made by you or with others in your department or grade level team?
15. Do professional associations influence your decisions?
16. Do parents or students participate in what is being taught?
17. Do you belong to a union? Do you prefer the values of one over the other? (NEA, AFT)
18. What are your personal advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher?
19. Are there exceptional or special needs children in any of your classrooms?
20. What is your opinion on mainstreaming?
21. Are there gifted students in your classroom (s)?
22. Should gifted children attend separate schools? Why or why not?
23. Do you think No Child Left Behind is an effective act? Why or why not?
24. What is the most effective way to teach? What’s the best way to keep students involved?
25. How do you organize your classroom?
26. Do you think students would benefit from being separated into all female and all male schools?
27. What is your opinion on merit pay? Do teachers deserve to receive bonuses or higher salaries based on performance, student performance, personal goals, or the subject they teach?

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