Just That Zombie Girl (writergrrl88) wrote in teachergoths,
Just That Zombie Girl

it's not just sad, it's a misrepresentation

It is always very sad when there are school shootings. This one today was tragic -- and certainly a case of a student who needed help dealing with mental health issues.

But is there anyone who secretly wishes the next kid who shoots up a school would do it wearing something from the GAP or Abecrombie & Fitch or something? Just once, if I have to hear about a school shooting at all, I want to hear about a girl in a cheerleader uniform who does it -- or a boy in his football jersey. 
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I want to hear about it AT ALL. I'm sure things happen that just don't get national coverage like these 'goth killers' do.

It's telling how the student quoted says soemthing about 'he was always threatening to blow up the school' and 'we didn't think anything of it.' It sounds like they'd relegated him to the status of 'non-entity,' which for somebody as obviously desperate for attention and control over his peers as he sounded (going on very little evidence here though) could be the worst thing ever.

I think the thing they need to emphasize in all the articles and reports is that it honestly doesn't matter WHAT a person's wearing or what music they listen to if the problems are there from the start. If he wasn't worshiping Marilyn Manson he might have become a Christian fundamentalist and shot an abortion doctor or blown up a clinic.
Yeah -- but why don't Christian Fundamentalists take a bad rep from all the blowing up abortion clinics and/or threatening people? Because it's supposedly in the name of a deity most of the English-speaking world worships.

And I think that's bullshit.
Of course it is. And it just happens that our President is a Born-Again christian, which is one of the 'less crazy' versions of fundamentalistism. And unfortunately religious fundamentalists have a lot of influence in goverment at many levels.

'Mental' being the operative word of course.
I hear ya. It's tiring and maddening.

"It sounds like they'd relegated him to the status of 'non-entity,' "

...absolutely. I think we need to encourage multisubculturalism as well as multiculturalism. By marginalizing these kids, the system is increasing their frustration and decreasing their ability to cope with obstacles in a healthy way.
It's not good at all is it. A tiny proportion lose it and do something stupid, and suddenly all the alternative kids are labelled as nutters.

I notice that the attitude of a lot of teachers at my school towards the goth/emo kids is very stereotyped, and I'm sure that being trivialised as people simply because they are part of a less "acceptable" subculture can't be helpful for their wellbeing at all. I have found myself an unsuspecting mother hen to all the alternative kids in my school, and when I talk to other teachers I am amazed to find that the sweet, often shy, creative, interesting kids who often have enthusiastiasm and passion for passtimes/skills etc that they tell me about are described as difficult, sullen, miserable, or just abnormal by other teachers. Surely the only thing that makes me different from the other teachers is that I talk to these kids, with an open mind and don't put them into the "psycho" pigeonhole just because they have a lip piercing and a funny hairdo (and perhaps that to look at me, they recognise that I will do that).

Incidentally, I live in the UK, the last time anyone walked into a school with a gun here was Dunblane (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunblane_massacre), 10 years ago where the gunman was a "normal" seeming middle aged man.